New Years Resolutions

Did you make any New Year resolutions?

Have you seen any of them through so far? If so great, that shows will-power!

If not.... we aren't even at the end of the month.... What happened?

Did you at least make a start on the resolution? That would show motivation.

Did the resolution involve any physical training (exercise)? Lots of people decide they will make a resolution and then put off the start date.

[It's October/November time] They decide January the 1st would be a good time to get started.

[It's July] They decide to get fit for summer,  but it’s too late so they leave it for next summer instead.

You get the idea. The thing that they have decided needs to be done is put off till later. Sometimes much later.

So here we are, one month through the year already. When are you going to make a start?

If you need will-power, get a Personal Trainer to help you. Because if something costs you money then you don't want to see it wasted! That in itself can e enough motivation for some.

If you need will-power,again. use a Personal Trainer. No matter how much you feel you dislike exercise, a good PT will make you grow to appreciate  it, not just from the sidelines but by actually doing something and realising the benefits.

You don’t have to use a Personal Trainer, especially if you have will-power and motivation (and are already 4 weeks into that GET FIT resolution and still going strong). 

Whatever your reasons, the time to start is now.

Why would you put off till later what you know will benefit both your physical and mental health?

Get started (now) look better, feel better,be happy.