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  • Your diet can affect your training and physique.

    If exercise is not working to help you achive your health anf fitness goals, then consider Nutrition Coaching. It is not about putting you on a diet, but helping you change your attitude towards food, forming lieflong healthy habits (it also doesn't mean you can only eat 'rabbit food' for the rest of your life). Nutrition coaching is not the same as Personal Training. Personal Training is personal, partly because the PT is stood beside you for the duration of your session. Nutritiion Coaching leaves you to go through things at your own convenience, then we have regualr, short, coaching sessions to guide you and keep you on track.

  • Does everyone need to concentrate so much on macronutrients? More importantly does everyone need to be taking all sorts of supplements?

  • You work out, maybe several times a week, you've been doing it for some time - why why aren't you getting the results you want?

  • Does your Personal Trainer keep recommending "You need to be taking this supplement, it's the only way to reach your goals"? 


    You may not be aware of why they are doing that, read this, then question your PT.

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