Website SSL issues now resolved

This website is part of my business, a way for people to search and see if they would be interested in any of my services and if so, to get in touch.

About one year back, Google decided that they would notify users if a website might be dodgy - and that's a good thing. As a small business it was just another cost required, to make sure that the website was secured (an HTTPS address instead of an HTTP address), but in the grand scheme of things it is a good way forward so I happily set it up.

Roll forward one year and the certifcate had to be renewed. I paid for a new one, I received the receipt. I didn't check my own website for 10 days....

Big mistake! When I did I realised that Google showed a pop-up along the lines of "This site is not secure, it may be trying to steal your details"

WTF? :O 

I tried a few other browsers all showing that i have a dodgy site (now, some of you may agree, but think that it's dodgy because it isn't all glitz and bling. No it isn't, I was an engineer not an artist) :P

I got on to my ISP to see what was going on - there was a bit of a disconnect between the Customer Services and the Tech Support - several times! But yesterday it was finally sorted. (phew!)

Yes I think the principle of SSL is a good one, but not every site is looking to take your details, so maybe there should be some differing levels depending on what the website is asking for?

The simple fact is, anyone looking at my site in the last couple of weeks is unlikely to ever come back, this has cost me some business - but taught a valuable lesson. 

I am prepared for the next SSL renewal!