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  Yes, in a time when everyone is concerned about the coronavirus, all the services offered apart from Sports Massage can take place. online..


 Personal Training


 If you are looking for a quality Personal Trainer in and around Northallerton, Catterick, Richmond, Leyburn, Harrogate, Knaresborough, York,  Middlesbrough and Darlington areas then Adapting Fitness is the perfect choice.

 Professional, friendly, caring and here to help you reach your health and fitness goals.


 As a mobile Personal Trainer I can come to you, or, if you would rather be trained in a gym then sessions are available at Active Life Leisure Club (AKA 'Scotch Corner gym').


 The other option is of course ONLINE PT, click here to jump to that section.


 Click here for more information on Adapting Fitness Personal Training.



Nutrition Coaching


Nutrition Coaching is particularly effective if you know that food seems to be the main problem for you. No dieting, just scientifically backed coaching towards a healthier attitude to your food and personalised workout routines too (you can select workout to be done at home or workouts that can be performed at home with basic equipment.).

This is an online service, and even has an app! 


Click here for more information on Adapting Fitness Nutrition Coaching



 If you have practised yoga before then you already understand all the benefits. But many people that haven't tried it seem wary of it.

 "Don't you need to be super-bendy?", or,

 "It's just for hippies isn't it?", or,

 "I'm not doing all that chanting!", or,

 "Oh it's too religous for me....".

 You get the idea. 

 If you'd like more information about the yoga we offer, or just some general information about yoga that might put your mind at ease, then 

 follow this link for more information.


 Sports Massage


 As with yoga, there can be many misconceptions about Sports massage.

 "it's just for athletes isn't it?"

 "It can affect my training"

 "It's painful!"

 If you haven't tried it then click here for more information about sports massage.


Group Fitness


Group fitness classes are an excellent way to improve your fitness levels.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or already extremely fit, in most classes you will get as much benefit out of them as the effort you put in. Work hard and gain the benefit, irrespective of how fit you already are.

The yoga classes* are hatha/flow based and are taken by Jo or Chris in several locations across the region from Scotch Corner down to Grantley Hall - and online.

Other exercise classes covered range from circuit training through to HIIT, via Kettlercise and H.Core Lean/ H.Core 2.0

If you feel you live somewhere around the Northallerton area that would benefit from classes but there is a distinct lack of them, then get in touch and see if we can arrange something in your area.

Click here for more information on current fitness classes with Adapting Fitness​​​​​​​

 Corporate Services


 More and more companies are now offering health and wellness related services to their staff. Usually this will be performed on-site, but can also be away from the company buildings.  

 The company picks what services will be offered and if this is for group sessions or 1-2-1. 


 Click on this link for more information about coprorate wellness services offered by Adapting fitness.


 Online Services

  All services offered, apart from Sports Massage, can be performed online, all you need is an internet  connection.

  Personal training (all types)

  Yoga (private clients and group sessions)

  Nutrition coaching

  Kettlercise (you need a kettlebell)

  H. Core Lean

  H. Core 2. 0 (you need two equal weight kettlebells)

  Corporate wellness

  In all cases you will need to be able to have a camera (PC/webcam, iPad, Kindle, smartphone) so that I can actually see you during our session.