Several clients, and lots of gym members often ask me about protein powders. When to take it, how to take it, which ones to use and so on. (I find that slightly amusing as the instructions for use cover the first two questions) :)

Anyway, enough of the little things that amuse me....

Supplementation is not all about Protein powder. It's not all about protein. There are many supplement types available, some are beneficial particularly to those on certain restricted types of diet. Some are fine to be used by everyone, and some I would rather recommend that you just eat a varied, wholesome diet to cover what the supplement is meant to be giving you as an added benefit*

In the instances where I would recommend you use supplements - or you just decide you want to use them anyway, then make sure they are from a reputable supplier.  Good Quality Control is a must.

Check the ingredients (if you understand it all) look for quality sources.

Check out the returns policy, the cost, the delivery charges and so on. Make sure you are getting a good deal.

If you are unsure what a good source of the product is, or is it's a good price then check out MyProtein, their products meet the criteria. They are Europe's number 1 sports nutrition brand, with over 50 million products sold.

They also make really good quality sports clothing (well I think so - most of PT kit is now MyProtein), the sizes are 'as expected' too. For a long time now I have been really annoyed that ordering a size MEDIUM top from most places, whilst it would fit me in the shoulders they would have so much excess material around the waist that they seemd a mile wide! Yet MyProtein size medium is a good fit all round.

The latest offers will always. be on the blog

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