Yoga and fitness classes in Northallerton and online

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Online classes are via Zoom online meetings. You will need a smartphone, tablet, or computer set up that allows you to connect to the internet and I also have to be able to see you - so it needs a camera, either built-in or connected via USB for example. The classes are live so I can still keep an eye on you and advise on your form/technique. 

Currently all online classes are live, not pre-recorded.. Some class types will have on-demand (pre-recorded) classes available soon.. 


The 'Class Passes' offer a great saving over the single class price, for each type of class.

They are linked to similar classes,

  •  if you book any 60 minute yoga class pass, it is valid for any of the 60 minute classes - Hatha, Vinyasa or Gravity - online or in-person (subject to availability)
  • If you block-book for Kettlercise, Circuits or H.Core Lean, then it is valid for any of those types of class 



Block bookings available at a discounted price. If you purchase the class-pass then it works like this:

You don't have to only use one per week, you could do 2, 3 or 4 classes of the same style and duration in the same week (e.g. 60 minute yoga classes) or over a couple of weeks. you can also book multiple people on (max 4 per class) - up to the number of classes purchased.



Class Types



You may have read, or seen on TV, or just heard (constantly) from a friend that loves yoga - just how it can help you in various ways. People that try yoga find their own benefits and reasons as to why they like it so much but as with everything, if you don't try it you'll never know. Yoga is more than flexibility, more than strength, more than mobility. It teaches you to tune in to your body, it gives you 'me time', it gives you relaxation. There are many benefits - try it and see which ones become your reasons for loving it.

Hatha yoga, Grounding, breath work, warm-up, poses and finishing with relaxation. This style is great for beginners, but it is not 'beginners yoga', it is suitable for all levels.

Vinyasa yoga, ideal for people with some yoga experience, more flowing, still with relaxation at the end.

Stretch4mobility, (AKA Gravity Yoga) ideal for those that feel they are 'tight' or 'not supple at all' for example in the hips or hamstrings. It's about improving mobility - strength and flexibility. If you feel yoga isn't for you because you 'aren't bendy enough' this is the class for you! If you are a runner/cyclist with tight hips/hamstrings - this will really benefit you. N.B. Not to be confused with anti-gravity', we are not hanging upside down in slings for this class.



Kettlebells are a truly functional piece of training equipment. These classes will teach you correct form and how to perfomr the exercises safely. There are no planned breaks, just switching from one exercise to the next - if you need a break you take it, we are carrying on!

"One piece of equipment, one goal, fat liberation." A licensed kettlebell class. Routines change regularly. . Suitable for all levels.

H.Core Lean 

High Intensity Interval Training has many benefits. Short periods of work with even shorter periods of rest. Ending witha 'finisher' - you will know you worked hard, because it is H.Core!

A bodyweight HIIT class, different training methods used. A decent level of fitness is recommended, but no matter what your fitness level when you first start, it will improve!

H.Core 2.0

 A double kettlebell HIIT class, two kettlebells are used for every exercise, different training methods across routines. A good knowledge of kettlebell useage is required (e.g. having attended Kettlercise at least 6 times) and a decent level of fitness is recommended.


 A class aimed at at all levels of fitness using a variety of equipment and bodyweight exercises.

The most up to date timetable for the classes is always available on the booking page!

Group Class pricing


Yoga classes, online and in-person (60 minutes)

Single class £12.50
4 class passsave 20%£40.00
8 class passsave 25%£75.00
12 class passsave 30%£105.00

Kettlercise/ H.Core Lean/ H.Core 2.0/ Circuits (50 Minutes)

Single class £10.00
4 class passsave 20%£32.00
8 class passsave 25%£60.00
12 class passsave 30%£84.00


Kettlercise/ H.Core Lean/ H. Core 2.0/ Circuits (30 Minutes)

Single class £5.00
4 class passsave 20%£16.00
8 class passsave 25%£30.00
12 class passsave 30%£42.00


Private Classes Northallerton, surrounding areas and online


Private Class pricing - includes a "+1", you can have one other person with you for the session


In-person (60 minutes), I come to you

Single class £60.00
4 class passsave 20%£192.00
8 class passsave 25%£360.00
12 class passsave 30%£504.00

Online (60 Minutes)

Single class £50.00
4 class passsave 20%£160.00
8 class passsave 25%£300.00
12 class passsave 30%£420.00

Private yoga classes are available in the same 4, 8 12 session formats - the more you book, the bigger the discount,, but sessions are not available to just purchase as we need to have an initial consultation and also need to find a mutually convenient time for availability.


Contact me for more information on private yoga sessions 


Book a discovery call*. A free 30 minute session to gve you an idea of how sessions work online.

*One per person