Corporate Wellness Services, Northallerton and Online


Corporate Wellness may sound like something only big conglomerates would make use of, but there are several reasons why every business  no matter what size it is, should consider Corporate Wellness. 


A good employer would be concerned about the health of their workforce, get in touch to discuss your options.


What services can Adapting Fitness offer towards Corporate Wellness?

All of the services provided can be used towards Corporate Wellness, whether as group or 1-2-1 sessions

  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Group Fitness classes
  • Yoga
  • Sports Massage


Where does it take place?

In general, in your workplace. - however as the lockdowns have proven, most services can easily be provided online - The employer would need to provide a suitable room for any service provided. However if a company is willing to contribute towards private sessions then this can be done away from the workplace if it is deemed more appropriate.

Group and private online options are always an option. 


** If your staff are suffering (work related or not) from conditions such as stress or anxiety, exercise would definitely benefit them. Adapting Fitness can cater exercise to many people including training for staff suffering from  any of the following medical conditions


What is it?

Corporate Wellness basically refers to a company that is willing to invest in its employees to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing and provide some relevant service(s) on behalf of the employees.


Is it worth it?

For the employer.

Healthy employees need to take less time off work sick and are more productive.

Happy employees are generally much more invested in the company leading to less absenteeisim (and presenteeism!)

Greater job retention

Another reason people will want to work at your company.

A chance to win awards. e.g. for companies in North Yorkshire you can apply to the Workplace Wellbeing Award, North Yorkshire


For the employee.

An investment in their health and wellbeing** - which also benefits them outside the workplace.

Greater job satisfaction.

All the physical and mental benefits gained from being healthier.