Who am I
Why choose Adapting Fitness
Where and when?
Client types
Who am I
Why choose Adapting Fitness
Where and when?
Client types

What type of clients do I work with?


Anyone and everyone! Everyone can benefit from yoga in one way or another.

People that have done yoga before and people that have never done yoga before.

 One of my clients is a Masters Elite athlete he came to see if it would help his performance It did! 

He now attends two different types of class per week.


Personal Training

I have a variety of clients. Whilst many PT's might only want to train elite athletes to become thousandths of one second faster, or to jump centimetres higher, or further, when I first qualified I found there weren't really any Elite Athletes:

1. Living nearby

2.a) Requiring a Personal Trainer

2 b) That hadn't been qualified for very long

3 That everyone thinks PT's should hardly charge any money whatsoever (Some PT's were charging less than minimum wage and still being told their prices were too high!) 

You need to be prepared to invest in your future health, there is no magic pill (and if there was it would be very expensive!)


As a newly qualified PT initially I took on every client I could get. (every new PT does)


It was a great learning experience. I found that I actually enjoy having to think about what will really work for each and every client, which is good because I predominantly had clients that other PT's had turned away, they saw them as 'too much work' due to their injuries or how out of shape the person might be.


I know from my time served working as a PT in gyms, that many PT's have one formula that they will use with everyone and if it doesn't work, well, it must be because you aren't trying hard enough!?

With some of these PT's it was a really hard trying to decide if they were incredibly lazy or just stupid?


I like seeing success clients have had after coming to me with a range of illnesses, injuries, medical conditions and in some cases simply a general lack of motivation.


So what sort of clients have I had?

* Male

* Female


* Young

* Old

- somewhere in-between

*Fit and healthy

* Completely unconditioned

- somewhere in between


Suffering from any of: fibromyalgia, arthritis, kneecap removed, mastectomy, bones that were broken and not set correctly, metal plates in certain parts of the body, SPD, hypermobility, lack of motivation,,,  just to mention a few.


I no longer take everyone as a client but I still like a variety of clients. You bring the will and together we will find the way!


Nutrition Coaching

Most people assume this is only for those that want to lose weight. This service works for people that want to lose weight, it also works for those that want to gain weight, or try to stay consistent with their weight. It recognises not everyone is the same.

It is not a diet.

It is about eating real food.

It is about forming healthy habits towards food that will last forever.




Can you dedicate yourself to 12 weeks of training?

Don't try to create a beachbody 2 weeks before you go on holiday! Start now and give yourself a sensible amount of times to get into good health-and-fitness habits that will get you that beach-ready body in a sensible way and help you to maintain it.

Sign up for a 12 week Online Coaching programme to get you well on your way!

Tough Mudder?


Are you thinking of taking part in a Tough Mudder event or something similar such as Rough Runner or a Rat Race?

Too shy to take part on your own or feel you need training and motivation?

Get in touch and we'll see what we can do..




Nutrition Coaching

For many people 80% of the battle is in the kitchen. If you know that you don't have a particularly healthy diet, or perhaps it's healthy - but you know you're eating too much, or maybe you just like snacking/get too many food craving?

 The Nutrition Coaching programme. will get you results far sooner than exercise alone. The healthy habits you learn are easy to use and will stay with you for life!