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Do you: 

  • Want to eat healthier but never seem to stick with it?
  • Always seem to be dieting?
  • Put the weight back on straight away?
  • Eat for the wrong reasons (boredom, stress, etc.)?

Why use a Nutrition Coach?

A lot of people think they need to use a Dietician whenever they want a professional to help them change something about their diet. Whilst for some people dieticians can play a vital role, it helps to be aware of the differences between a deitician and a nutritionist.

Registered Dietitians (RDs)

Are qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems. Tyical cost £200+/hr


Are supposed to be qualified to provide information about food and healthy eating, but it is not regulated and so some people claiming to be Nutritionists may not actually be qualified.

The main things for you to consider are:

1. Level of qualification. dieticians are regulated by law

2. Nutritionists are not regulated and so may not be qualified (always check!)

3. Cost:- Dieticians usually cost a lot as they have a degree, but many Nutritionists charge almost similar prices.

4. What is it you actually need? If you are not a coeliac for example, or you don't have a medically diagnosed condition that is affected by your diet, then do you really need a dietician?

If all you really need is to lose weight or change your eating habits - those aren't medical conditions so consider your options.

Personal Trainers have a basic Nutrition qualification.

The truth in UK is that Personal Trainers without any further nutrition based qualification are only supposed to offer very basic advice. They should not be telling you what to eat or putting you on some restricted diet, they should only be guiding you towards the Governments Eat Well Guide. So if you are taking nutrition advice from a PT ask them what their nutrition qualification is.

For further clarification please follow this link to the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) LinkedIN post on the topic.

If a PT tells you they will "calculate your macros" or they try to tell you how many calories to eat each day - ASK THEM what their nutrition qualification is and are they qualified to do these things for you?

2. A certified Nutrition Coach is qualified to give you nutrition advice.

Exercise by itself isn't always the best way to reach your goals. For many, the main part of the battle for fat loss is in the kitchen (or dining out, or snacking in front of the TV, or eating everything that was put on your plate even though you're not particularly hungry, etc.). Changing your habits towards food can change your life.

I am a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. 

"The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification Program is a comprehensive nutrition education program for elite fitness professionals..."

Not only is the Precision Nutrition method well respected, it is approved by PD on behalf of REPs, (the Register of Exercise Professionals) This means I am a qualified Personal Trainer that can give certified nutrition advice and coaching.

  • The Precision Nutrition method is not a diet
  • It doesn't push the latest fad eating habits.
  • It doesn't sell you a load of fitness equipment you don't need or get you to buy 'special' supplements or meal replacements.
  •  It comes from research based practices empowering you to take charge of your eating and make healthier choices for life.
  • You get a personalised nutrition programme working towards helping you acheive your goals, you can also get a personalised workout programme (optional)
  • If you want the workout programme as well, you a get to decide what your goals are and if you'd prefer to workout at the gym or at home.

My job as your coach is to cut through all the confusion in the fitness and nutrition industry and guide you on your personal path, using information based on science and real-world studies - no gimmicks, fads or celebrity-endorsed quick-fixes.

I coach lifestyle changes. Starting with simple nutritional habits then building on them.

  • Learn how to stop dieting and feel better immediately.
  • I am not here to beat you up if you don't adhere to everything religously,
  • I am here to act as your guide and keep you on track

You choose, either:

  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching, or
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching and workout routines aimed at your goals

 Click on this link for more information and a demo of how the programme works,  

This system is excellent, but it is also much cheaper than one-to-one hourly cost for PT sessions where clients pay a premium for my time. This system won't cost the same as my hourly PT rates - because you are learning at your own pace at a time to suit you.

Don't let the word 'learning' put you off, it is not about hours of study and tests, everything is simple bite-sized chunks, helping you form healthier haibts towards food. 

I am the coach -  there to support you, keep you on track and help come up with solutions to any issues you may have on this journey to a healthier you.

The coaching time is via an online meeting once a week using Facteime/Skype/Zoom


  • The desire to change your current eating habits, to form healthier lifelong habitts
  • The desire to change your current body shape (for life)
  • Internet access
  • An email account
  • A Facetime/Skype account
  • The willingness to try

if you don't try it you'll never how how much you could have benefitted from the system.

  • Remember, it's not about putting you on a diet, it's about you learning healthier habits to benefit you for your lifetime.

  • Simple changes, not  bouncing from diet to diet as you keep putting the weight back on. (Alternatively it may be that you feel you can't put weight on, I can help with that too)

One more thing, and it's a big thing! If you actively follow the programme for one year and don't get results I will give you your money back, I have that much confidence in the programme!

Nutrition Coaching

.You can cancel payments at any time.

Select the option you would like

Nutrition only,  £125/month

Nutrition and workouts based on your goals,  £200/month