What is Personal Training?


Many people are looking to improve their health and fitness. That can come in differerent shapes and forms, for example, are you trying:


  • 'to lose weight'
  • 'to improve strength'
  • 'to improve range of motion' / rehab after an injury,
  • 'to train for a specific event',
  • 'to build more muscle',  
  • 'to increase endurance', etc. 


The actual training can be very different from one person to the next as everyone is different, everyone has different goals, different likes and dislikes and different timeframes in which to achieve their goals.


Personal Training starts with an initial consultation. Together we review your current health status, any injuries and illnesses that could limit or affect your training, also your exercise likes and dislikes.

We will formulate specific goals for you to work to, a plan to get there and expert help and motivation to ensure your goals are achieved.

Personal Training can take place online, in the gym, in your home, outdoors or online - wherever suits you.


Personal Training Northallerton +30 miles = I come to you, I am a mobile Personal Trainer, not tied to one location. You have the convenience of training at home, no concerns about anyone else seeing you train, no travel time.


If you prefer to be trained at a gym then I can do that with you at Active Life Leisure Club (Scotch Corner) - you do not have to be a gym member to train there with me.


Don't live close enough to work with me? No problem, we can do online Personal Training.

ONLINE PT sessions are over Zoom, so you can be anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access - or you may want to consider Online Coaching as a more convenient option

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Why use a Personal Trainer?


Some people use a Personal Trainer for instant access to knowledge that will help them achieve their goals in a shorter time.

Some want a PT to provide motivation.

Some people use a PT because they have, or have had, injuries that they want to train around or train to recover from or improve upon.


If you've been doing some form of training and aren't getting the results you want then a quality Personal Trainer can help you achieve your goals.


Information Overload 

You may have noticed just how much information there is in magazines, on TV and on the internet about health, fitness, weight loss, strength building, fat loss, cardio, resistance training, HIIT, LISS, etc. in which case you've probably also noticed how so much of it is conradictory.

How are you meant to know which information is correct?

Even if it is correct, how are you supposed to know which method will work for YOU and YOUR goals?

A good Personal Trainer will use their experience to get you the results you want - don't just copy some routine you've seen on Youtube because the person in it 'looked fit'. It could be wrong for you in so many ways!


Who is Personal Training for?


Can everyone benefit from using a Personal Trainer? Yes. Even Personal Trainers can benefit from having Personal Trainers.

Top level athletes can benefit from using a Personal Trainer, so can people that have never taken part in, or even enjoyed, sports of any kind, so can everyone in between the two extremes.


So who is Personal Training for?


It's meant to be personal.

It is not meant to be generic training.

We are each different physiologically and we all have different goals


Why do you need a (high quality) Personal Trainer


  • Ability to physically assess health and fitness parameters then interpret and apply this information to best help you.
  • Immediate access to a wealth of knowledge and experience
  • Clear direction and accountability for actions and goals set
  • Avoid common exercise myths and pitfalls
  • Professional record keeping and tracking of actions and achievements
  • Benefit from effective and creative programme planning
  • Achieve effective exercise technique more quickly
  • Benefit from a wider range of training disciplines and modalities
  • Get an honest, objective view of your current status and progression made
  • Modifying limiting beliefs and habits that distract from goals



    Are all PT's the same?


    Defintely not!


    Some don't even have a PT qualification. Unfortunately it is still an unregulated industry, anyone can set themself up as a PT, but if they aren't suitably qualified then they won't be able to get insurance - that could be a double-whammy for you as their client.


    • PT's can come in all shapes and sizes. 
    • They will each have different life experiences.
    • Some think the L3 PT qualification is all they need,  they don't invest in their own knowledge any further (my thought here is, if they can't be bothered to invest in themself, why should you invest in them?)
    • Some act like a 'drill-sergeant', bawling at you and beasting you because they don't know any other way to deal with people (Full disclosure: I was a Sergeant in the Army, whilst I can easily project my voice I have other skills that will help me decide how to get the most from you)
    • Some are good at what they do
      • Some aren't
    • Some have people skills
      • Some don't





    Not all Personal Trainers are the same.

    Whilst they all should at least have a basic qualification, that is not always the case.


    Once they gain a basic qualification the path they choose to follow is up to them:

    Some might decide being a L3 Personal Trainer is all they will ever need, they are suitably qualified to help everyone reach their health and fitness goals

    Some might prefer to work only with a niche group of clients: 'young professionals', 'pre/post natal mothers', 'body building', 'strength and conditioning', 'functional fitness' and so on.

    Others may be more general - this is not always a bad thing, it really depends on what it is you are trying to achieve..


    To you as a client it may be that you don't need a specialist, a generalist could work better for you as they will have a broader range of tools to help you reach your goals.

    If you want to compete in strongman competitions then a specialist would be far more beneficial, but if you don't want to compete as a strongman, then having sessions with that specialist might really leave you with the sort of physique you were not looking for!


    See the blog post I wrote a few years ago about things to consider when choosing your Personal Trainer

    Why choose me?


    Most PT's when put on the spot with this question might say, "Results".

    That's not a bad answer. But whilst someone might see a result, for example they 'lost some weight', this does not necessarily mean they achieved their goals. Achieving goals is a far better measure.


    • After the consultation if it's decided that you will do some session(s) on your own and some with me, then I will write two programmes, one for you on your own (don't worry I will make sure you know how to do the exercises safely and correctly) and one for when we are together.**
    • I personalise your sessions - it's not one formula applied to every client as everyone is different.
    • If any programme re-writes are required then they are included in the price.
    • I don't do one-off PT sessions. This means we need to be able to work with each other, it's a collaborative relationship. You are paying for a service so you need to make sure you choose a PT you feel you can get on with.
    • I have worked training people in many multi-lingual, multi-cultural companies, I am used to fitting in and helping get the best out of people.
    • I believe that I need to invest in myself in order to provide a better service. I do Continous Professional Development (CPD) and study anything that I believe will make me better at my craft. I have selected qualifications that allow me to better serve my clients.
    • I want you to succeed - I want you to be completely honest and happy about writing me a 5 star review whether on Yell.com or Yogabody.bio or just recommending me to your colleagues, friends and family.



    Types of Personal Training


    1-2-1 Training

    I work directly with you.

    This means after the consultation you will be given a personalised plan to work to for when you train on your own**, then each session with me will be different but still working towards your goals.


    • You and your goals are the priority.
    • No distractions.


    Usually 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week with me.


    If you are looking 1-2-1 session with a quality Personal Trainer in Northallerton and surrounding areas then get in touch.


    Personal Training is also available as an online option (Zoom meeting) in which case it doesn't matter if you are in Northallerton or not - as long as you have internet access we can have sessions.


    Couples/ Small Group Training

    If you and your partner or friend(s) want to train together then this is one option to consider. It really helps if you have similar goals.

    As you will be training together you can often motivate each other, if not, I am there to do that.

    The individual cost per session works out cheaper than 1-2-1 training.


    Similarly training can take place for small groups with economy of scale (it gets cheaper per person)

    • The individual cost is reduced.
    • You can choose to be competitive (or not).
    • You may feel more at ease having a training partner/friends joining in.


    Do I have to be trained at a gym?

    Most people assume that Personal Training will take place in a gym and it usually does, but quite a large number of people would rather be trained at their homes or outside. There can be several reasons for this - they may not be a member of a gym, no transport, convenience, self-conscious, appreciate the benefits of being outside in the great outdoors, etc.


    Most PT's train people in a gym, that is all some ever do. 

    My Personal Training services in a gym are currently provided at Active Life Leisure (Scotch Corner) or Sapphire in Northallerton. You don't have to be a member of either gym, I can still train you there.


    I am a mobile PT, most of my clients have their sessions in their homes. These non-gym based PT sessions are roughly within a 30 mile radius of Northallerton  e.g. Richmond (N. Yorks), Catterick, Leyburn, Masham, Harrogate, Knaresborough, York, Middlesbrough, Darlington, Ripon 


    Contact me to ask any questions or to set up a consultation


    If you think you won't need me standing beside you correcting your form for an hour at a time, then consider Online Coaching