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Yoga classes with Adapting Fitness

Do you want to do yoga with me?

If you are looking for yoga classes in or near Northallerton, or yoga classes online then you have come to the right place.

SInce lockdown started online yoga classes have become available with Adapting Fitness and it does work according to the regulars from the in-person venues.

Once lockdown ends online classes will continue, but there will also be in-person classes back on at the following venues:

Grantley Hall,

Active Life Leisure Club (Scotch Corner)

Liberty Gym (Richmond, N. Yorks)

Kirkby Fleetham village hall

Skeeby Village Hall.

There are online classes available for people with all levels of yoga experience - from complete beginners to more advanced yoga practitioners and more specific groups: e.g. 'Yoga for Runners', 'Yoga for beginners' or  'Yoga for Back Pain' 

Yoga 'lessons', 'sessions', 'classes' - these terms are interchangeable. 

Types of yoga classes:


  1. Hatha yoga, whilst people of any yoga experience level can join in, this is a great way to start your yoga journey too and poses can be modified for most people (easier and harder). It doesn't mean it has to be easy, you can still be left knowing you have really worked. These classes are slightly longer (75 minutes) as they have a longer relaxation period.
  2. Vinyasa (flow). If you feel you 'want more of a workout' then these classes are great for people with a year or two of yoga experience and no particular injuries or medical conditions that could be aggravated. (60 minutes)
  3. Gravity Yoga. This is targeted mobility stretching, the main focus is to really help with mobility, balance and strength. If you suffer from tight hamstrings, hip-flexors, back or shoulders these sessions can really benefit you. SImilarly if you are quite active in certain sports (e.g. running,rugby, football, (it's a long list) where the sport itself tends to create the shortening of muscles/tightening in areas of the body, then gravity yoga is the one for you! (60 minutes) 
  4. Online classes. All three options are available online as live, in-person classes, not pre-recorded and are the same duration as the in-person classes. You can benefit from the class in a way that you don't get with pre-recorded sessions. 



All the classes have some aspect of:

Breathing techniques




More classes will be added over time, if you have specific requirements then call me to discuss them.


If your search was 'yoga classes near me' then you may have been sent this way because of the online class offering. If you are miles away don't let that put you off - you can join in online. I just need you to be on camera so that I can provide feedback that could benefit you.


Private or Group classes?


People have their own reasons for wanting private sessions and so this option is available for those that want it. You will need to contact me to check availability for private sessions. The good news is these can be done anywhere that you have internet access.


If you would like to book a private 'Dicovery session' then click this link, the session is free! A 30 minute chance to get to know each other, discuss your goals then have a short trial session to see if you like it.


Not everyone wants private classes, some  much prefer being in a group session. If that's you then you can book immediately as the classes are held at regular times, there will be some online  paperwork to complete the first time you book, click on the link for the type of pass you would like. Once payment is made keep the email showing your unique code to use, each time you log back in to schedule another class use the code and it will deduct one class and let you know how many you have left. 


Group Yoga Classes


The type of class does not affect the price, the duration of the class does.


Vinyasa - all classes are 60 mins

Gravity yoga - all classes are 60 minutes

Hatha - all classes are 75 mins

Yoga for runners - 75 minutes

Yoga for back pain - 75 minutes


If you block book classes it will save money over the single class price.


4 class pass - save 20% (and one, +1)

8 class pass - save 25% (and two, +1)

12 class pass - save 30% (and three, +1)


A '+1' is when you can have someone else attend a class you are attending for free. Just let me know when you are going to use it so I can add them to the online meeting/ don't remove them from the online meeting as a gate-crasher. 




                         60 minute classes (interchangeable)                                                                         75 minute classes (interchangeable)


Single classnot available£9.00 Single classnot available£11.25
4 class passsave 20%£28.00 4 class passsave 20%£36.00
8 class passsave 25%£54.00 8 class passsave 25%£67.00
12 class passsave 30%£75.00 12 class passsave 30%





Yoga and Gravity yoga.

Single classnot available£50.00
4 class passsave 20%£160.00
8 class passsave 25%£299.00
12 class passsave 30%£419.00

There is no link to book private classes as we need to have a consultation first by booking your free Discovery Session, If you need to book a different timeslot for the discovery session then please email me.



If you've tried yoga before then you are probably already aware of most of the answers given here, If that's the case then feel free to read on, but if you just want to book on to a yoga class with us - online or in person, then click here

What is yoga?

Yoga was originally developed thousands of years ago to help practitioners prepare for meditation, to give them the ability to sit still for hours at a time without being distracted by acheing muscles, etc.** 

It is not a religion.

Although some religions practise(d) yoga, yoga itself is an evolving concept. Whilst the underlying principle remains, the western concept of yoga has come to see it more as a form of exercise. (with extra benefits)

Whilst purists may see this as a bad thing, it actually keeps it alive in one form or another. There are now many more types of yoga, you may have heard of , Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hot yoga, Kundalini, kilted yoga (yes, that is a thing) .... there are lots, it may be that you start with one and drift to another. It may be you try them all and still can't really decide upon 'a favourite'.

** this is a really short answer! There are many thousands of books on yoga and there are also religious documentation referencing yoga, once you start yoga you may decide to just view it as exercise to be performed regularly - but you would be really selling it short and doing yourself a disservice if not being mindful and taking the movement, the breath and the mind into account whilst practising.

You may become so engrossed in this philosophical debate that you start to read the texts and the books and form your own opinion :)

What are the extra benefits of yoga?

Yoga can help with strength, flexibility and mobility. All good.

However, in our Hatha yoga practice we start with grounding - bringing yourself ' into the moment'. You may have heard one of the buzzwords in the fitness industry over the last few years, 'mindfulness' - that is exactly what your grounding is helping you get started with. 

We work through asanas (postures) whilst tying the movement to the breath, we practise different breathing techniques and we end with relaxation or meditation.

Take any exercise class, people are often interested in 'really feeling like they worked out", they want to 'feel the burn' or 'get a sweat on' to feel ike they 'burned calories'. Great if that's what you want, but depending on the type of yoga you practise you can feel the burn and be left feeling like you really worked out, but the difference is you will do it mindfully.  You tie the movement to the breath, you think about what you are doing, how you are doing it, how could you improve on it. You become much more attuned to your body. All this whilst not just getting the benefits of exercise but also getting the added benefits of self-awareness, improved coordination, improved posture, improved self-confidence and taking the time to practice relaxation too less stress

I'm not flexible so I can't do yoga..

You are so wrong! I have two lots of spinal damage, but since starting to practise yoga I can feel many benefits, both physical and mental

It is adaptable, it can be gentle or it can be much more strenous.

Some people may have limiting physical conditions to the point that they may need to do more chair-based yoga - but everyone can benefit from yoga.

The more you do, the more benefits you will feel and see. Mobility/flexibility is nothing like weight training.

  • With weight training you can see improvements (e.g. bigger muscles)  quickly (if you know what you are doing or use a good PT/Coach), but when you stop you will also lose those benefits fairly quickly.
  • With mobility training it can take longer to see improvements (e.g. greater range of motion, but they will last much longer too. (As an example think: Do you want to still be able to tie your won shoe laces when you are much older, or have someone else do it for you because you can't bend forward enough to do it?)

I'm too old for that...

Why? Who made a law that you can't do yoga after a certain age? 

What age was it then? WHy has no one told me?

I was 49 years old when I took up yoga (I wish I'd started years earlier). I have classes were people are nearly 90 years old, they would put many people 60 or 70 years younger to shame when it comes to mobility, flexibility and strength.

What I will say is that everyone I have met that didn't start at a young age, wishes they had, 

If you have any doubts, not just because of your age, but due to any medical conditions or illnesses, then speak to your doctor and see what they advise. You can also always contact me and ask for an opinion, but if it's not a simple answer then I will defer to medical opinion.

As with any form of exercise, if your condition (health) has changed then always make the teacher aware before the class, not during (unless it changed during the class), and definitely not afterwards.

You should also listen to your own body, don't try to force anything and if something feels too much then either ease off or stop - you can always join back in when you feel up to it. Let the teacher know if things are getting too much or you are having any problems.

It's just for girls isn't it?

Nope. Yoga is defintely not 'just for girls'. I am male. Don't worry about feeling self-conscious, about being 'useless' at the poses or about falling asleep during relaxation. If you've never tried yoga just come with an open mind.

"I don't like vegetables."

"I don't like that jumper (so why would I try it on and consider buying it?)."

"I can't do that."

Typical comments that you might have heard (or said, or thought) at some point.

Vegetables when you were a child. Clothes when you were a teenager (still shopping with your parents and t"I can't do that", at any time in your life. But you know what. You actually do eat (at least some) vegetables. It turns out when you actually tried on that jumper (or whatever the clothing item was) it looked really good on you, and when you actually tried to do tht something you said you couldn't do - it turns out you could dot it!

Be open-minded and everything is immediately easier. It may seem impossible or really hard, but you will improve if you keep trying. If you don't try then you'll never know.

Will I have to do chanting or burn incense?


At Adapting Fitness we want you to benefit from the science of yoga, we're all about fitness, we work on your mind and body, we don't preach what you should believe or do in the way of spirituality, religion or diet. (you don't have ot be vegan!) 
Our yoga classes are non-religous and there is no meditation, chanting or burning incense. 

What equipment do I need?

Usually if you are attending a class in person then we will have some spare equipment you can use, but if it's an online class then ideally a (yoga) mat, yoga bricks or blocks, a yoga strap, extra layers (bearing in mind yoga is normally performed in bare feet, so 'extra layers might just mean you want to put socks on, or a jumper, blanket, etc.) for the relaxation.

Don't feel you need to rush out and buy. lot of expensive yoga equipment if you have never tried yoga before. If you're doing an online class then we can offer alternatives (e.g. instead of a yoga strap use a belt). Props really help, but see if you want to get into yoga before you buy a load of equipment.

Loose fitting clothing that will allow you to move and keep you covered during the postures (normal gym kit usually works just fine).

Some water for hydration. 

A towel to wipe any sweat (or spilled water)

If you've never tried it before then really you need to bring an open mind. If you've already decided you're not going to enjoy the session, then you're probably right.

Are online classes any good?

The format of each class doesn't change between 'normal' and 'online' classes.

For online classes, I need to be able to see you (camera on your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc). in the same way I would be watching over you during a class to check you aren't doing anything dangerously and trying to help you get more beneift in the poses.

In 'normal' classes the teacher can offer to make adjustments - they need to touch you if it is hands-on and some people don't like that idea. With an online class hands-on adjustments are not possible. All adjustments are verbal.

You'll need a device that can connect to the internet (Zoom meetings) and has audio and video capability.

Is it true that yoga can be used to help:

  • With weight loss                                   
  • To tone and strengthen                      
  • To improve mobility                             
  • With anxiety                                          
  • Improve cardio/respiriratory health 
  • With chronic pain - bad back, etc.    
  • Improve athletic performance.          
  • Maintain a balanced metabolism.     

Is it worth it?

Only you can decide. But if you don't try then you'll never know. :)

If you have any questions then feel free to contact us

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