Sports Massage | Northallerton and surrounding area 


Whilst the name implies it is for sports people, it is not purely for elite athletes.  Weekend-warriors and most of the population can also benefit from sports massage. 

Sportsmen and women can benefit from pre- and post-sport massage and the treatments can also be factored in as part of their training regime.

However, you don’t have to be an active sports person in order to benfit from Sports massage. You can even be fairly inactive, but still consider deep tissue massage.


Did you know that:

  • Massage will help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness


  • Muscles become more supple and resilient leading to fewer injuries


  • Flexibility can be increased


  • Your circulation and metabolism will benefit


You don’t have to be active in sports to receive these benefits, but if you are then you can also add:


  • The state of relaxation achieved enhances muscle repair, recovery and wellbeing.
  • Training can become more consistent
  • Body awareness will be enhanced


Sports massage has many benefits and can also aid recovery post-injury. There are more benefits than listed here, get in touch and we’ll see how we can help with any muscular problems you have or to arrange pre- or post-sports massage.


This is a mobile service, I come to you, or sessions can take place at Active Life Leisure Club (Scotch Corner) or Cryotherapy North East (David LLoyd, Teesside), pre-booking required