Information on yoga services provided by Adapting Fitness

  • I hear people say "I can't do yoga...". I ask why? Often they have never tried it. THey just have preconceptions about yoga - and don't think they can. This article is a brief attempt to convince you to give it a go. As the picture shows, the way to get a yoga body is to do yoga. 

  • With so many yoga styles to choose from how do you know which one is right for you? Do you have to try them all? And other thoughts you may have when consdiering taking up yoga...

Whether you are looking for online classes, private or group classes, we've got you covered.


You can have private sessions or join in the group sessions.

You can attend online or attend in person.


Types of yoga offered.


Hatha Yoga. A steady-paced class, suitable for beginners


Vinyasa yoga. A more flowing class, more suited to those with some prior yoga experience.


Stretch4mobility (formeryl Gravity Yoga). Aimed at improving your mobility sooner rather than later! Poses are held longer, you don't have to look perfect e.g. keeping your back perfectly flat in some poses, we adapt it to help benefit you from where your current ability level is.