Adapting Fitness Youtube channel started

I set up a You tube channel. THe idea was to have two sorts of video.

1. Showing how to perform exercises correctly.

2. Showing suggestion for compound exercises/workouts for you to try.

However until I get at least 100 subscribers then I am not allowed to use an email from my own domain (

I didn't want another google email so I have since looked into ways to work around it.... hence although the channel was just created yesterday it has already been deleted and a different version created so I CAN use my own domain email address :)

First Youtube video suggesting a compound exercise for you is here:

Let me know how you get on :)

30/9/18. I havent added anything else to that site. I am too busy with clients. However as a formerly very technical person I am looking to start my own app, the idea is my clients can have free access to videos ans fitness and nutrtition tips.