Northallerton Winner!

I am mobile for some of my business. I go to my clients houses or offices for Personal Training, Yoga and Sports Massage. I cover Northallerton and surrounding areas, typically within 30miles.


Yet again Bark have announced me as the Northallerton winner in the Personal Training category (to be honest, they don't have a category for 'private yoga sessions in your home' or 'Sports massage' as far as I am aware?



Whilst I know how good I am, it's nice to recognised by others. It's also about time I started to promote by business more so this is a great chance to do that ;)


Just for clarification though I don't use Bark,  I am not paying them anything - you can click the link to see my follow-up previous post about this


I don't like the idea of paying a company and they will tell everyone your are the best -  when they know it's not true and they are also saying the same for anyone that will pay them.. The more you pay, the more they will pretend it's true.


For those of you that aren't local to Northallerton, most of my services are available with online options - not Sports Massage though :)