BARK review (part 2)

Some time ago I wrote a review on Why I Don't Use Bark. 


In that blog-post I listed the reasons why Bark wouldn't work for my business.


A considerable time passed then I was contacted by Bark to have a discussion about the review.

We had a telephone call, where it seemed a few of the things may have improved and that they were working on other things that could be more positive with reference to being sent Barks (their name for leads) that would blatantly have no interest in my business - for example they may only want a female Personal Trainer.

I was cheeky and pushed for some free leads - and they agreed. 20 free leads.


So I tried using Bark again.

I could see some of the changes had filtered through, now it was obvious to see if (as per the example) a potential client only wanted a female PT, so I could safely not waste time and money responding to those Barks.


If I have a potential client in front of me, they don't all choose to use my services, because I am not the cheapest. But for those that want quality most will become my client. Partly, this is down to trust.

Writing emails/SMS to potential clients doesn't seem to convey the same trust or quality as I never had one take-up trying Bark again.


Lockdown started. They were now trying to offer a filter to show if clients wanted 'in-person' or remote (online) training. I took the leap and subscribed to be a 'Bark Professional' as that is supposed to bump you up the listings [something that really irks me - why would they promote someone that just pays money but could be unqualified, over someone that doesn't pay you but is qualified and has the best 5 star reviews around?]


The only responses I had were people trying to negotiate my price (wihout even discussing how I could help them) - this left me with the opinion Bark is just used by people looking for the cheapest possible service - how someone can help them is not the major factor.


As I said to the last person that asked me "What is your best price you can give me?"

My best price is the one being offered, I am not a second hand car salesman that is going to lower the price on a duff old car because he knows he can make it back on a more expensive vehicle later.


All my clients are treated equally. All get my best service to help reach their goals.


So as per the first review I am back to not using Bark.

If someone does find me on there and isn't just looking for the cheapest service, but wants a quality service - then I hope they click the links to check out my page... as I won't be paying to respond via Bark, it doesn't justify the cost.