Certified Online Trainer

I have written in previous posts that Personal Training is still an unregulated industry, you can set up as a PT with no qualifications (you won't get any insurance but these people don't care about that) 

I have also mentioned the Online Trainer Academy as a certified body for PT's to really learn how to benefit their clients using online services. either PT or coaching. I am not only a certified PT, but also a certified Online Trainer (interchangeable for PT or Coach)

1. Not every Personal Trainer wants to meet clients face to face.

2. Not every client wants to meet their Personal Trainer face to face (in-person).

For these two types of people Online Personal Training can really work. Neither needs to travel, unless the client wants to do their workout in a gym.

Costs are usually cheaper than in-person, face to face sessions. 

There is a cheaper option that usually works better for clients that are quite self motivated. This option is Online Coaching.

Why is it cheaper than Online PT if both are online?

WIth the PT option the PT has to be with you for the duration of each session. 

With the Coaching you are working out on your own when it suits you, so if you work 3-way shifts and want to exercise at 2a.m. then you can do, you just follow your coaching programme.

Whilst I love to meet and work with my clients in person, various online services are available with Adapting Fitness. As a certified Online Trainer both online PT and online Coaching are available, send me an email if about your goals and which type of service you would prefer