Fat: Subcutaneous versus visceral

Subcutaneous fat is the type just below the skins surface. The volume of it can vary - greatly. But that's where it is.

Visceral fat is generally not so obvious, it can surround your organs, in that respect it is far more dangerous.

Most people are aware that fibre should form part of their diet. It has many health benefits.(whether or not they get enough fibre is up to the individual).

There was an excellent BBC series on HOW TO STAY YOUNG. Angela Rippon receives all the technical  data and is tested in a variety of ways. The scientific evdience for beneficial dietary fibre i.e. removing visceral fat plus other benefits is that we should take more inulin.

Inulin can be found in plants but is one of those things that works well as a supplement - you don't need to eat tons of food :)

If you are looking for an excellent source of inulin then MyProtein sell it. Most of their supplements are not in plastic containers, so save on packaging.