Live online classes

From this week live online fitness classes are now availble.

Kettlercise (30 and 50 minute classes)

H. Core Lean (30 and 60 minute classes)

Yoga (60 and 75 minute classes)

This evening (23/3/20) in UK the PM has announced for at least 3 weeks we are to pretty much stay indoors. Amongst the measures people can go outside once per day to exercise, but for me as a PT this means I can no longer exercise outside with people (keeping several metres apart) as I can only go out once per day to exercise..

At this moment I have no idea how well the classes will do. But I am hoping to also offer video-on-demand, classes that are pre-recorded and so people would just pay a subscription and do the class(es) when they choose.

The times of the current live classes can be found here 

Let me know if you think you'd be interested in this.