Setting Goals

Everyone is aware that setting a goal and giving yourself something to work to can really help you reach your targets.

It provides motiviation, acts as a reminder of just 'why' you are doing yet another set even though your muscles are burning... and it makes you accountable.

If your goal is along the lines of:

Lose weight

Tone up

Get fit

Keep fit

Then the bad news is that isn't really a goal. It's a rough outline of what you'd like to achieve. By making your goals specific you make them measurable.

Let's take the first example earlier ' lose weight'. You can do that just by not eating today. How much weight will you lose? Is it the amount you actually want to lose? If you keep repeating this method you may reach some target that is in your head, but will your body suffer in the meantime?

However if the goal became to lose half of one stone in the next 4 weeks. You now know specifically how much you are trying to lose and when you want to do that by - it doesn't have to be a long drawn out process, unlike the orginal 'plan' which by comparison was so vague.

Goals can be short, medium or long term.

If you have an idea of what you want to achieve but aren't sure of the safe/healthy/sensible way to go about it then speak to a Personal Trainer. They can help you to set your specific goals and work with you to achieving them.

Once you have your goals and a plan to work towards achieving them, then you become accountable. Instead of just doing the same old routine at the gym each week and not seeing any real difference, you now know exactly what you are hoping to achieve. This should help with the motiviation to keep going and allow you to see if it the goal is reached. If not, sit down with the Personal Trainer and find out why.