squirrel with a shocked look on its face

We all have the ability to become distracted. For some people it happens occasionally, for others it happens OFTEN!

Like Doug the dog (in the animated film UP!) it doesn't matter what you are talking about you can suddenly become distracted and blatantly switch topic.

For example you might be driving along talking about one thing then suddenly you see something unusual out the window - so you immediately switch topic and start talking what you saw. That's a Squirrelism.

Or you might just be so scatterbrained that you jump from one topic to the next without really finishing anything, ever! That's Squirrelism.

I love this word! it's so apt.

If you are the person that does this you are the squirrelist, You can't be a squirreler, that implies you squirrel things away. 

if you are the person wondering "WTF? We were halfway through a conversation about the most effective way to gain lean muscle and suddenly you are talking about birds at the side of the road??" then you are the squirrelee,   wondering what just happened to the conversation and will it ever get back on topic? Is this person mad?

In the same way that squirrelisms can take place during a conversation, they can happen with your thoughts too. It may be that you know how to eat healthily, and you may mean to exercise regularly, but other thoughts pop into your head and as your thoughts change you completely forget all the good intentions you had., it all goes out the window...

A good coach can help keep you accountable. Don't let squirrelisms keep you from achieving your goals.