When should I start exercising (in order to look good for a big event)?

It'll soon be Christmas. Many people will wait till nearer the time, realise they are going to be attending parties, be in lots of photo's and want to look great in 'that dress', and then try to do something about it. Too late!

The longer you leave it the more inappropriate methods you will need to resort to, such as crash-dieting, You may reach your goal... but the weight will end up coming straight back on once the diet is over.

You may have noticed many gyms and PT's sell 12 week transformation camps. That's because that is typically how long most people need to see some real change.

Yes, some will offer an 8 week transofrmation, but that may not do it. :S

Depending on where you are now and what your goals are - on average it's going to take around 3 months to get to where you hope to be.

Christmas is coming and that means you should already be working towards your goals.... Need a Personal Trainer to get you results, then get in touch.

The first line asked a question.

The real answer to the question "When should I start exercising" is always: NOW!

(Seriously, why would you put off improving your health and fitness?)