Why are some PT's so expensive?

So you're considering using a Personal Trainer, you start to look around to check your options.

Some of your search criteria will be fixed by your own opinion. e.g MUST BE 'only male' or 'only female' 

Some of your search criteria will be optional e.g. Open to training either in person on online.

If you haven't done due diligence, then some might be 'because it seemed like a good idea at the time'. 

I would advise you to check for certain things:

1. What is/are their qualfication(s)

2. Are they registered with any governing body for that particular qualification? (Check! It's simple enough go the website of the governing body - for example  check my PT qualification verification or check my Yoga qualification in both cases I've linked you to the organisations search page - you enter the criteria, it's not a pretend fixed page pre-loaded with my details) 

3. What other relevant qualification(s) do they have? My 5metre swimming certificate from Carterton County Primary school, really won't go far towards helping you achieve your fitness goals!)

4. Do they invest in themself or have no need because they know it all?

5. Do they have the mandatory First Aid qualification, insurance, a variety equipment (if they are mobile)

6. Do the have insurance? If not, is that because they feel they don't need it - or perhaps because their qualification is not recognised by insurers (Some courses are offered for £30! A £30 course will not qualifiy you to teach the way a £x,000 (typical cost) course, insurers are aware of this

So why are some PT's so expensive?

Let's start by flipping the question, why are some PT's SO cheap?  It may be that they don't invest in anything from that list?

That they aren't suitably qualified?

That they have no overheads, due to cutting corners. This allows them to seriously undercut valid PT businesses.

If you value PT's purely on cost then you may be selling yourself short in terms of qualifications, accountability, etc. 

Some people are specialists. E.g. Body-building (only) type PT's and coaches. It may be that they have been around long enough to know their trade. Apart from the science changing sometimes, there is not much they need to do to stay update, no new training required, no new equipment, etc. 

But most people don't need a specialist like this, they need a generallist - someone that can vary equipment, routines, techniques, training methodology etc. Someone that keeps abreast of changes, invests in themself to stay qualified, replaces equipment, etc. 

There is one group that was missed out here. Newly qualified PT's. They are usually cheaper to either try to draw clients to them, to gain confidnece working with clients, or a combination of the two. (So just because someone is cheap doesn't mean that aren't qualified). Everyone has to start somewhere.

Why are some PT's so expensive?

Usually because they are running a legitimate business, investing in themself for the benefit of their clients. Because they have built up the business to a point where people know they will get the results they want. 

Because of the laws of suppply and demand - MOST clients want to be trained after work, so more people trying to get a PT from about 5pm - 8pm.

Does that mean the PT is ripping people off? Not really, if most people want to be trained after 5pm and definitely before 9pm then that's just 4 hours where people are clamouring for a PT compared to the rest of the day where there are far fewer clients happy to book during the day. 

Prices vary greatly by region, parts of London have an average above £50/hr, other parts of the country people think they are being ripped off at £25/hr.

How much is your health worth to you? Can you put a price on it?

My PT rates are quite high for my area - and I always take block-bookings because I want to see commitment from clients, but some of the work I do, such as the Strong & Steady classes to help older people that are unsteady on their feet are charged at only £3/hr. Different things, different prices. 

Whilst my PT price is seen as high I beleive I provide a high quality service that justifies the price. 

Do your due diligence, speak to the PT's you think you may be interested in working with, then decide. You are the client it's your choice.