Personal Training

Blog will make reference to Personal Training - PT

  • An honest review of the Online Trainers Academy and how it made me change my belief that only in-person training was any good. That online PT wasn't.

    This review is written whilst I am an active OTA student.

    Why I chose it and what I like or don't like about it and ultimately do I think it's worth it?

  • Medical conditions covered by my Exercise Referral Specialist qualification - other similar qualifications may not cover as many

  • We all have the ability to be distracted, how much can vary. 

    When these distractions happen I call it 'squirrelism', like a dog that gets easily distracted when it sees a squirrel

  • In my role as a Healthy Horizons Officer for RDC I provide Nutrition advice and exercise to those that are interested and qualify. This interview explains the scheme and the eligibility criteria

  • How many sit-ups should you do? It's not as simple as that, read the blog post for further information about just how many sit-ups you should do.

  • Where fat sits in the body can be broken down into two types - visceral or subcutaneous. THis is a really quick explanation of the two types.

  • A short post on when exactly is the best time to start a fitness programme, training, exercise. WHen will it work for you?

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THE PT reference couild be down to qualifications, things a client should be aware of when slecting a PT, etc.